Concept to Realization

February 7, 2010

I find it very easy to conceptualize things, but realizing¬† is a different story. It all starts with an idea: “Wouldn’t it be nice if [fill in blank]“. Then I start to imagine all the steps needed to make the idea real.

My problem is that I`ve completed the task in my head and no longer have any drive to go any further. It`s like I trick my brain into thinking its already done. I used to think it was laziness but now I figure its some kind of mental disconnect.

Do other people suffer this ?

Anyways… I had more to say but I said it already… moving on.


The Big Three

February 5, 2010

Here in Canada we have three companies that we can buy telecom services from. These three guys have gotten together and figured out the maxium they can gouge Canadians. What about antitrust laws? Pffff…. Laws mean nothing when you have government in your pocket. It’s good business having politicians in your pocket. Not only to avoid lawsuits but also the big three have been able squash the upstart of any new competitors and pass repressive laws. Can you believe they made it so you can only buy your cell phone from them! That’s like shaw saying you can only buy a tv from shaw if you want to buy cable vision.(thank god for hackers who can get around this)

So if I decide to get cell phone service from rogers I would have to buy their over priced phone or get it at a reduced price for signing a contract. I figure prices aren’t going to get any better so I opt for the contract. Mistake! signing a contract with a Canadian telecom company means they get to lock you in for three years but the rate you get can be changed when ever they want. Isn’t fine print a bitch?

Cell phones have become the status quo and I got sucked in. Once my contract is up I’m done. Cell phones are convenient but I can stomach feeding these crooks my hard earned money.